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Opening times and guided tours of Fort du Scex 2020
with COVID-19 protection concept

Dally 08 June to 15 November By reservation at the latest 
2 weeks in advance only

Guided tour for groups with maximum of 10 persons
who are healthy
or for the price of 10 persons

Duration of visit

- It takes at least 4 hours to visit the Fort Scex.

- Guided tours are normally conducted in French (in German by special request).

Entrance fees to the Fort du Scex (we do not accept credit cards)

  CHF  EUR The passport is accepted.

Adults  14.- -
Children (to 16 years)    7.- -
Families 30.- -

Students / pensioners

and handicapped visitors / 
military persons in uniform

12.- -

Reservations and information

Tourist information office St-Maurice

  +41 24 485 40 40

  +41 24 485 40 80

  Form for reservation

With your judgement you help us to check and to improve the quality of our visits.

Some tips

- Good footwear is advisable for the walk up to the Castle (approx.15 min.) and for the visit
  to the fort and the Grotte aux Fées.

- As the temperature inside the 'Grotte aux Fées' and the fort is approx.10º C,
  we would advise you to wear warm clothing.

- Dogs are not allowed in the fort.

- In the fort, the smoking is prohibited.

- We recommend the visit to the fort Scex especially to those who are interested in historical and technical
  aspects of the fort. The approach route through the natural gallery of the 'Grotte aux Fées' takes
  approximately 30 min.

Our shops

In our Shops you can different articles shop (open as of 15 July).

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